Elena Nikolaeva | Using Gold Dust to Enhance Your Painting

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Gold Dust  - 1 Day
Saturday 14 March
10am to 3.30pm
The Art Folly,
24 Coghill Street, Whitianga

Using Gold Dust (powder) to Enhance Your Painting

If we are going anywhere in our artistic journeys we must keep broadening our artistic horizons and knowledge of painting and creative techniques.

Following the workshop GOLD LEAF, in this workshop, we will explore what we can do with gold powder in our art.

Those who came to last Elena’s workshop on 'Working with Gold Leaf', will expand their knowledge at gold leaf applications. If you didn’t make it to that session, you will love experimenting.

A number of contemporary artists use gold powder in their paintings. 

The art of well-known, contemporary New Zealand artist, Harold Coop, who represents his world with boldness, vibrant colours, rhythms, movement and 'a touch of gold', combining these to evoke intangible feelings about our familiar New Zealand landscapes.

Harold Coop’s art will inspire us to find ways to incorporate some of his techniques and compositional principles into a work of our own.

We will NOT copy Harold Coop paintings but step out on our own to transform a landscape into a vibrant, decorative canvas full of life and colour.

About Elena Nikolaeva
Elena was born and raised in Russia. She studied at Urals State University of Fine Arts, Design & Architecture, and after graduating she taught at the university and attained an associate professorship of the painting department. In 2000 Elena moved to New Zealand, to Mangawhai, where she is now a full-time artist and tutor.

Elena works with acrylics, watercolour, mixed media and sculptures. She welcomes beginner painters and those who wish to widen their skills and techniques.

Materials Provided: 
Gold dust, acrylics, brushes, binding medium, spray varnish, masking tape, chalk or a pastel stick for drawing your composition on canvas, a palette, cleaning material, hair dryer, a dust mask, photographic references.

Materials Required
Each student should bring a medium to big size canvas - the sizes they are comfortable with. Alternatively the canvas can be supplied by the tutor - please contact Elena to arrange this. 

Contact Details 
Email: enikonzealand@gmail.com
Elena's website