Ian Preece | The Universe Around You - Macro Photography

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Macro Photography 
Thursday 19 March
10am to 3pm
Pick up in Whitianga

The Universe Around You – an Introduction to Macro Photography
The joy of macro photography is that it can be done almost anywhere any time of day or night and the choice of subject is endless. Capturing the beauty of an insect, flower or shell in its minutest detail provides a unique window into a world that is rarely seen. 

This is a highly practical workshop that covers a range of subjects including still life, handheld macro photography, use of flash and lighting and focus stacking. We also cover what equipment is most useful and affordable and how to create some of your own. 

You will need an SLR camera and a macro lens. Some equipment is needed and we do have spare cameras and lenses you can hire if needed.

Includes transport and coffee.

About Ian Preece
Ian is a professional photographer living in Kuaotunu. He specialises in photographing the Coromandel and its natural environment including subjects from the Milky Way to the tiniest insects and animals. Ian's photography workshops teach people how to liberate their creative eye through the use of a camera. He is accredited by the Royal Photographic Society.

What to Bring 
Camera (with whatever camera gear you have), drinking water, a fleece and light waterproof clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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Web: www.seascape-photography.com
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