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Long Exposure Photography - 1 Day
Thursday 11 March
Start 30 mins before sunrise. End sunset.
Pick up in Whitianga

Long Exposure Photography
Have you ever been amazed by pictures of the sea where the rocks appear pin sharp in detail but the water ghosts around them like a mist?  Or a waterfall surrounded by beautifully detailed plants and trees where the water is drawn out into a silky ribbon and the river like a sheet of translucent glass.

The use of extended exposures and filters can transform a scene and give you a new creative dimension to your photography. If you are looking to create your own abstract or fine art photographic effects then this is an area you should explore.

In 2010, I studied with Jonathan Critchley, owner of Ocean Capture and one of the foremost fine art photographers in the world. His techniques had a big impact on me and I have been applying and developing them ever since.

As a preferred supplier of NISI filters I can give you the chance to try some of the market leading filters.

Subjects covered:

  • Camera settings and equipment
  • Use of filters and timers
  • Motion effects
  • Managing exposure
  • Low light photography

Please bring your camera (with whatever camera gear you have), drinking water, a fleece and light waterproof clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses.

About Ian Preece
Ian is a professional photographer living in Kuaotunu. He specialises in photographing the Coromandel and its natural environment including subjects from the Milky Way to the tiniest insects and animals. Ian's photography workshops teach people how to liberate their creative eye through the use of a camera. He is accredited by the Royal Photographic Society.

Contact Details
Mobile: 021 134 7865
Email: Ianpreece1@hotmail.com
Web: www.seascape-photography.com